Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Favorite Manga (Part #1)

Hey guys! Lately I've seen a lot of book bloggers mentioning manga they've been enjoying, and that reminded me of the time when I was younger and would read LOTS of manga, I still have my collection and it's huge! These past few years I haven't really read that much manga and I'm very sad about that, because I remember loving it a lot!

Because of this, I decided to make a post about some of my favorite manga. Enjoy! :)

Skip Beat!


This, you guys. This is the first manga I remember buying. They started selling manga where I lived and this one caught my attention. And it's actually the only one that I still follow religiously. 

The story is about a girl called Kyoko, who is in love with her childhood friend, Shotaro. Wishing to become a big pop star, Sho leaves for Tokyo, and asks Kyoko to go with him (so that she can pretty much become his servant). The poor girl does everything for him and never thinks about herself. One day she overhears him complaining about her to his manager, saying how she's so very plain and also a pain, and starts flirting with the manager, like he always does with all girls except Kyoko. Because of this, Kyoko vows revenge on Sho, and plans on becoming a bigger star than him.

So we see everything Kyoko goes through while trying to become a great actress (while being part of the new Love Me Section) and all the people she meets along the way, one of them being Ren, who actually knows her from her childhood, but not like she remembers him. Being a blond boy with green eyes, young Ren (or Kuon) told Kyoko that he was a fairy prince and was there for her whenever she needed him, which is why she always thinks of Kuon when going through a difficult situation (she actually always carries with her a little stone he gave her).

I bought this first volume about 12 years ago (yes, I was baby) and the series is still on-going. I do think the story goes a little bit slow and that Nakamura's being torturing me all these years, but I just love this manga so very much!! Kyoko is HILARIOUS and I adore her so and, for some reason, I really identify with her. Oh and Ren is adorable.

A short anime came out and also a Chinese drama, which, to be honest, I didn't love. Why OH WHY would you cast a couple of Korean actors (as awesome as they both are) to be main characters and then dub the thing??!!! WHY???!!!!

Hana Yori Dango

Makino Tsukushi, a girl from a poor family, joins Eitoku Academy, a school for rich children, which is why she's always left out. This school is "ruled" by a group of four boys, called Flower Four (F4). Their leader, Domyouji Tsukasa, is an incredibly spoiled guy, but also, the wealthiest and most powerful one around. Since Makino doesn't really like bowing down to him and following his stupid rules, he starts to like her. But, being the airhead that he is, he bullies her non-stop. Meanwhile, she starts having a crush on another one of the F4 boys, Hanazawa Rui.

We also get to know the other F4 guys, and they play important parts in the story, but Domyouji and Hanazawa Rui do have bigger roles.

Eventually, Makino and Domyouji get together, but not everyone is happy with this relationship...

Something I really love about this manga is that, thanks to it, I got into Asian dramas. The Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango is the first drama I ever watched :) The Korean one is also amazing!!! Asian dramas are just precious. Sadly, I haven't really watched any the past 2-3 years, but I plan on getting back to it!

Hana Kimi

Hana Kimi (short for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) is the story of Ashiya Mizuki. One day Mizuki sees a high jumper, Sano Izumi, on TV and starts admiring him and following his career. Not long after that, she joins his school. Thing is, it's an all-boys school; so Mizuki cuts off her hair and disguises herself as a boy.

Because of an incident, Sano stops high jumping, which is why Mizuki is set on helping him to not give up on his dream.

While she's attending that school, she also makes a lot of new friends, one of them being Nakatsu Shuichi, who starts to question his own sexuality when he starts falling for the new pretty boy

If you ask me, Nakatsu is the main reason to read this thing.

The first Japanese drama is one of the funniest things I've watched IN MY WHOLE LIFE. The actor who plays Nakatsu, Ikuta Toma, is GREAT. I'm not a fan of rewatching stuff but, oh man, have I rewatched this drama!!! These school boys are crazy and hilarious.

If you're planning on getting into watching Asian dramas, I recommend THE FIRST Japanese version of Hana Kimi 100% for you to start with. Man, I need to watch the Korean one!! I had actually been waiting for it, what's wrong with me? T.T

I think I'll just leave it here for today, expect a second part with all the rest! :)

Do you read manga? Any favorites?

Thank you for reading! Bye-Bye! ♥


  1. excellent post and photos

  2. omg! yo amoooo HANA YORI DANGO! Me vi todaaaas las versiones del dorama es hermosoooo <3

    1. Jajaja Hana Yori Dango es lo mejor!! <3 La versión taiwanesa no la logré ver, pero la japonesa y la koreana me encantaron :)

  3. oh man I dont remember last time I read managa, it was years and years ago, I dont even recall anymore which one it was

    1. I haven't been reading manga myself these past few years, I think it's time I pick it up again :)

  4. To be honest I don't really read Manga too often. I own one or two and I watch anime every now and again, but it's never really been consistent. I will have to get used to that soon because I want to get into it more! I might try Skip Beat.

    Also, I tagged you in a book tag ^^

    1. I'm not much of an anime person, but I would read a lot of manga when I was younger :) Haha I wanted to start reading manga again, I really need to get back to it! Skip Beat is amazing, I hope you get the chance to read it, it's so much fun <3
      And thank you so much for tagging me!! I'll go check it out :D

  5. I didn't read this two manga but I love dramas!! Especially Skip Bit is so funny <3

  6. Klingt wieder einmal super!!!

    Danke Dir für die Inspiration!!!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  7. I've actually never read a Manga, can you believe it!

    1. Haha manga are great! But I know they may not be for everybody :P


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