Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

Bridget Jones 1 & 2 are two of my favorite movies EVER, I find them incredibly funny and entertaining, so, naturally, I've been really looking forward to the third movie!! Hmm well, no, not exactly. I've been waiting for years for a third movie to be announced, thinking that it might never happen, but OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED AND I'M SO HAPPY. Especially after that third book came out, because... well, have you read what it's about?! No, thank you, Helen Fielding, I'd rather have this movie. Thank you very much.

So when I watched the trailer I was very confused and worried, since Bridget and Darcy are not longer together for some crazy and ridiculous reason! Like, did they marry and got divorced? Did they get married at all??

Oh but worry not, worry not, my friends. For Darcy is still crazy about our little Bridget here, and so is good old McDreamy (yes, sorry Patrick Dempsey, that nickname is way too good and needs to be put to use). But I was still very confused, because how is it possible that Bridget spent time with these two guys and doesn't even know who the father is? How did we get to this??

All those questions are obviously answered throughout the movie, but oh God did that trailer make me worry.

So, a little story now...

I sometimes consider myself to be the "Queen of Spoilers", and not because I like spoiling things for people, but because I'm always the victim of said spoilers. And, of course, Bridget Jones's Baby was not going to be an exception... It's almost time for the movie and we get into the theater to go to our seats, but what do we find? The credits of a movie, so we just ignore that and keep walking since the place was already empty, but just when we turn around and look at the screen again, there it is. A picture of Bridget, her baby already as a grown child, and the father of the child... BOOM. Why? Why even? The movie is called Bridget Jones's BABY, we don't know the father of that baby, that's the whole mystery, and this happened!!!! Good Lord...

Anyway, I decided that I wouldn't let that spoil things for me, and to just enjoy the movie. And I certainly did.

Bridget is as silly as she's always been, and pregnancy makes things even worse. Good thing she's got two daddies willing to do anything to help her and the baby, and boy are they both charming.

Even though Jack and Darcy are fighting for Bridget's attention, they're still very funny together and don't get at each other's neck, like Darcy and Daniel Cleaver used to do all the time in the first two movies. That was a very cute thing to watch.

And Bridget's career has never been better, until there are some changes in the office and suddenly she and her old coworkers are considered to be too "traditional" for the job.

I don't really want to say anything else, so that I don't end up telling you any spoilers. All that's left for me to say is that I really recommend this if you're looking for a sweet and funny story, I know I laughed almost non-stop and smiled like an idiot most of the time.

Oh and do make sure to sit through the credits, so that you get to see the cute picture I told you about.

And by the way... What was that ending? Does it mean we have a fourth movie to look forward to?

Do you also like the Bridget Jones' movies? What did you think of this one?

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. This actually sounds like a really good movie, and like all your prior to watching the movie confusion was cleaned right up when watching it. My sister is a fan of the previous movies and she thought this one was really funny and nice as well :)

    1. Yes, it is really good!! Your sister has great taste ;)

  2. I've never read any of the books but I do love the movies! Thanks for your great review, I had no clue there was even a third movie out! :)
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog

    1. The books and the movies are very different, I think it's because Renée Zellweger's Bridget is more silly and crazy haha. I hope you like this movie then!! :D


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