Monday, October 10, 2016

Apps I've Been Loving #3

Screenshot taken with my phone

Since I moved to another country I was able to get a more decent phone, so, naturally, I had to look for new apps! :)

Hungry Shark Evolution
By Future Games of London

Cover art
Soo, fun fact about me: I kinda like sharks, I really do. Because of that, I downloaded this game as soon as I saw it, and it's actually pretty good! You play as a shark and have to keep eating to remain alive, and you can't let anything kill you, because there are a few objects and bigger animals swimming around that can harm you, sometimes even humans. The best part about this is that you gain experience by playing, so that you can make your shark better and even get different sharks to play with! This is why it doesn't get too repetitive, because you can also get access to different places according to your shark. I can't wait till I get the Megalodon. I LOVE MEGALODONS.

Game of Thrones Ascent
By Disruptor Beam

Cover art
I actually started playing this ages ago, but for some reason the game didn't work too well on my phone screen, there were just some things that didn't fit! And there were buttons I couldn't even reach. So like I said, I got a new phone recently and decided to download this again. Now, I don't now if it's because my new phone's screen is bigger or because they realized this and fixed it, but I haven't experienced that problem anymore. And, since the first time I played I chose to support House Lannister, I decided to choose House Targaryen this time, because those are my two favorite houses. Pretty much all you do is follow the story, you have to make decisions, recruit people, support the house you chose, make your own place bigger and become more powerful. It is very entertaining, although I have to admit that things start getting slower later and you don't advance much.

Pokémon GO
By Niantic, Inc.

Cover art
Well, I mean... Do I really have to say anything? I had been waiting FOR AGES for this to come out and, sadly, it didn't work on my phone because of my Android version, but I could download it on my new phone. Now, I'm not addicted or anything, I'm not the kind of person who likes walking around while using the phone, I like to look around me and stuff, but hey, it is fun to use this from time to time, especially when on the bus or something like that :P

By Episode Interactive

Cover art
I actually started playing this when it just came out, since I was already playing another game by the developers. It's basically a selection of stories that you get to pick from, and you have to make decisions for the story to progress and take different paths, so that means that there are a lot of different endings. If I remember correctly, there were more options to choose from back then! Now you need to spend money if you want to change some parts of the story. At least the graphics have gotten better... I do enjoy the Mean Girls stories a lot, although it would be better if there were more options like I mentioned. Also, I usually get two ads in a row between episodes, I've sometimes even gotten three, like, really?? Come on... I don't usually complain about ads, the people who make these things do need to eat after all, but that's just too much, since you already have to spend money to be able to get more options throughout the story.

Choices: Stories You Play
By Pixelberry

Cover art
This one just came out and it's very similar to Episode, I also discovered this because of the developers, since I was playing their High School Story game. I really like that you do have more options throughout the stories here, which makes it more fun! I even decided to replay some of the stories, since there were so many choices available and I wanted to see what would happen every time. They haven't released that many stories yet, but it looks promising! :)

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
By Glu

Cover art
Ok, I'm not really a Kardashian fan, I've never even watched the show, but years ago I used to play Stardom, and I really wanted to get back to it, since I remember it was pretty fun. Some people I know would play this game and I recognized it as that Stardom one I mentioned, but with Kim Kardashian in it. I actually wanted to play the new version of Stardom, but I think they still have a few issues to fix, because, when it was time for me to type in my name, the keyboard wouldn't disappear when I needed it to, and I couldn't press the confirmation button to keep going. I tried the old version, same thing. Guess what version of the game finally worked? Yup, this one. But hey, at least I don't play as her, I just befriend her and she helps me out while I'm trying to become a celebrity. I've also seen some people mention that this one is a bit easier than the original one, since you don't need to spend as much time to get 5 stars on the assignments, which is totally a plus, I do have a life outside my phone and games. And I think it might be true, since this time I've been doing much better than with the Stardom game years ago.

Disney Enchanted Tales
By Disney

YAAASSS!! I LOVE my Disney games. Love them. And I started playing this one recently and it's just SO CUTE. You have to get buildings and characters to complete their story, so far we have Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Tangled. And the most adorable part is that you build this beautiful town of yours on top of a bed, like it's some kind of quilt. Ain't that just precious??

I hope you found something you like! :) Any recommendations?

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. Oh very interesting Apps darling
    Thanks for share with us

  2. nice apps, i've tried the hungry shark revolution before, it's a nice game. :)

    anyway, i like your blog and i followed you. :)
    Let's connect... hope you follow back. :)
    Thank you! :)

    t’s A Girl Thing    

    1. Haha yes! And it's actually a very simple game, but it's still so entertaining!
      Thank you so much for the support! :)

  3. heard about pokemon go, like everyone on the planet i guess lol
    Episode sounds like something i might enjoy.
    For games i'm usually on subway surf or playing sudoku.
    nice apps.
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    1. Pokémon GO is EVERYWHERE haha :3 Episode is really nice and a great way to pass the time :)
      I also love playing Sudoku, it's a lot of fun!

  4. Great post! I definitely need to download more game apps. My phone consists of only school and work apps. Looking forward to your next post! x

    1. I love those as well!! <3 Although I can't help downloading games all the time, there are just so many good ones out there :D

  5. excellent post dear

  6. Pokemon Go! I'm still addicted to that damn game. What's funny is that my mother is even more addicted than I am. hahaha!!

    1. It's just so good! Hahaha your mother sounds awesome!! :D

  7. I find some of these apps quite useful.. Nice post dear.
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    Please let me know on my blog and I will follow back as soon as possible!

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  8. Loved this post, thanks for sharing! :)

    Would you like to support each other by following? Let me know, I always follow back <3


  9. Followed you back dear, keep in touch :))

    Have a great weekend <3

  10. I've actually seen quite a few people playing Hungry Shark but I've never played it myself. This summer I got really into Pokemon Go and was playing it everywhere, but it's been a while since I've used it. Maybe I should try it out once again! Keep enjoying all of these :3

    1. I know Hungry Shark sounds like a very simple game and like there's not much to do, but it's pretty fun! :D
      Haha I also haven't been playing Pokémon Go too much these past few days, I need to get back to it :3


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