Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Party Person (so not me)

I know I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like going to parties, for most people parties are like a getaway and incredibly fun, but not for me though, quite the opposite.

Just recently I had to go to a party, even if you don’t really like parties there are times when you have to go to one for a reason, you can’t really escape from them all haha :) sad but true. I just thought I’d eat some food and talk a little bit with other people, but after a while the music got really loud, someone grabbed a microphone and started screaming and I was forced to dance merengue with all the others and drink some shots, which made me feel awful and totally out of place, since I don’t like doing those things and they didn’t even care if I wanted to do them or not. Frustrating.

I really can’t describe the way I felt, I actually started to feel sort of depressed, I wanted to go home. The one thing that kind of kept me going was imagining I was at home laying on my bed reading a book, for most that might be boring and stupid, me being at a party thinking about reading, ha!... But I wanted it so badly!!!

Something I’ve never really liked is that, when you go to parties, if you are not outgoing and don’t start dancing around and drink, people just think you’re weird, because apparently everyone’s supposed to enjoy doing those things. Most of the time I don’t consider myself to be normal, since I don’t like the things most people like, but I guess that kind of makes you feel special, doesn’t it? :D I don’t mean to criticize party people at all, it’s great that they can have a good time like that, but it’s not for everyone.

Here’s a video I found not long ago which describes this situation really well. Very spot on:

So this video tells you in a funny and entertaining way how to survive a party, all in 5 steps (not to take too seriously though, but it’s actually pretty good if you ask me):

1. Plan your escape: Not completely necessary but always nice to have.
2. Locate your on deck circle: I arrived on time (in my country most people arrive 1-2 hours later) so I got to scan the area and think where I’d be spending most of my time.
3. Give yourself a task: At this party I was one of the people in charge of the food and that made me so incredibly happy! I had to make sure there was always food on the table and I also walked around with plates full of chips and stuff. Yes!
4. When in doubt, find other introverts: Aaand this is where I thank God that my best friend doesn’t like going to parties either, so we just stand there talking about how much we miss our warm beds, our pets and even how we could be using that time to finish a project for university. Oh yes, that kind of shows you how much we like parties.
5. Know when to give yourself a break: The next day I just had to grab my kindle and read, I became the happiest person on earth for a little while :).

Sadly, I wasn’t prepared to be forced to do stuff I didn’t like at this party I went to.
I felt very tired the next day and had an awful headache, so did my best friend, who spent the night at my place, we actually had to study that day but really couldn’t, it’s like the party had drained all of our energy! Aargh! So we just took a pill for the headache and went to a nice little place to have some coffee, because that’s our way of having fun.

Do you like going to parties or are you just like me and feel completely out of place when going to one? Haha :)

Thank you for reading! Bye-bye!


  1. I too HATE parties... I actually try and avoid them. I prefer gatherings with people I all know and can talk to! 5-7 people is a party to me!

    1. Yes, me too! Gatherings with a small group of people are so much better :)

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    1. Thank you!! I'm following you everywhere now too :) take care!

    2. thanks doll for following me ! and Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog !! xx

  3. I hate parties too! My friends are really understanding about this, luckily enough!

    1. That's great! Most people don't seem to understand this :(

  4. hi doll have a nice weekend ! xx

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