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A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor

Title: A Suitable Affair (The Macalisters #1)
Author: Erica Taylor
Publisher: Amberjack Publishing
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publication: June 6, 2017

My Rating: 4/5

Source: Publisher on NetGalley

Despite being beautiful and wealthy, Lady Susanna Macalister’s marriage prospects are rather lacking. To avoid a life of spinsterhood, she decides a loveless marriage to the dull and unromantic Lord Riverton is better than none at all. But still, Susanna longs for true, passionate love, the kind she grew up hearing stories about.

Enjoying a quiet walk with her insipid suitor one afternoon, Susanna is nearly trampled by the handsome Earl of Westcott as he rides through Hyde Park. Driven by his own guilt and despair, the earl embraces this chance encounter as an opportunity for vengeance, for Lord Riverton is the very man whom Wescott suspects is responsible for the untimely death of his beloved sister. But is his mission of separating Susanna from Lord Riverton simply a desire to save another unsuspecting lady from his sister’s fate, or something deeper?

As Susanna helps Lord Westcott investigate her future fiance, she realizes she might have found what she was looking for all along. Can the pair keep their budding romance a secret from everyone around them until the investigation is over? Or will the unsuspecting Lord Riverton win Susanna’s hand in marriage before the truth comes out?

**I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Susanna has not been very lucky when it comes to attracting suitors, mainly because of her older brothers (especially the duke), so she's almost convinced herself to settle for boring Lord Riverton... Until Lord Westcott comes along and makes her realize that she can actually hope for more.

I really liked Susanna. And I felt so bad for her, everyone just wanted her to marry and move out. It's not like her brother didn't love her, but he obviously thought they would all be better off if she had her own house to manage (why scare off suitors then?). It's really unfair that a woman just stops having her own home when her brother gets married, even if she's been living there her whole life!

And Ian was a sweetheart! Although he was going waay too fast. He needed to calm down, and start to take some responsibility for his actions. Ian wanted to spend an awful lot of time with Susanna, but didn't want to marry her, and that was a little selfish... Good luck trying not to ruin Susanna's reputation, Ian! It's not like it's the 21st century. Be a responsible grown-up and propose!

He just kept asking too much from her, and was always trying to get her to answer his questions. But he never answered any of hers.

I would've liked to see someone worthy of Susanna coming out of nowhere, sweeping her off her feet and proposing... Now, what would you do then, Ian? Huh?? Would you let her go? It's like he thought she'd just be there for him and that there'd be no consequences or whatever... No, wait... I just don't know what was going on inside his brain.

The poor girl had so much pressure to get married that she would've accepted (almost) any offer.

And ok, all right, I know I'm just complaining about Ian, but what I said at first is true, he is a sweetheart. I just wanted to slap him for risking Susanna's reputation and not proposing to her when he obviously wanted to marry her.

Something I really enjoyed was that Ian and Susanna spend so much time together from the very beginning! We don't have to wait to finally see them together, it just happens right away!

A very cute couple. And a very cute ending, I would've liked to see more though :)

Another thing worth mentioning: Susanna's brother's relationship was really touching and I loved reading about him and his wife, I'm very interested in reading their own story.

Really recommend this to any fan of historical romance.

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. Seems to be a very typical type of story...though I've got to check up
    since you rated 4!

    1. Haha it could be, although the characters are very unique and plot is not too common, really.
      I hope you get the chance, it's a very sweet story :)


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