Sunday, September 10, 2017

Millie Hardiman and the Red Parrot Fever by Eddie Owens

Millie Hardiman and the Red Parrot Fever

Author: Eddie Owens
Genre: Children's

Source: Author

My Rating: 3/5

Millie Hardiman is a thirteen year old from Bognor Regis, with a wild imagination, who dreams of becoming a writer.

When Millie’s scriptwriter Dad, Barry, has writer’s block, Millie becomes his muse for the daytime television soap, Double Top.

After her success on Double Top, Millie creates a Sci-Fi, teen drama, The Adventures of Martian Girl.

Millie falls in love for the first time with Wolf Van Der Beek, an arrogant, South African child actor.

This is a story about friendship, first love and growing up.

** I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review **

This is a very funny story about a girl named Millie, who likes making up ridiculous stories.

At first I found Millie to be a bit annoying and disrespectful. And I felt so sorry for her mom! Her daughter just kept lying all the time, sometimes saying things that were incredibly insane, and I didn't even know why she found it necessary.

I also didn't see how everybody kept saying she acted like a grown-up. She really didn't.

But, thankfully, things start getting better, especially after she starts helping out at her dad's workplace by sharing her ideas for a TV show, where her lies are actually put to good use. Millie grew on me, I enjoyed her crazy stories for the show.

And I loved the message we can get from the story. Millie did get herself in bad situations due to her lying, and she realized this and decided to stop with the lying. Just because you have a great imagination, doesn't mean you can go around making up stories that would make people worried or uncomfortable, Millie.

I especially recommend this to young readers, who might benefit from reading about Millie's struggles on her path to becoming a responsible teen.

Thank you for reading! ♥


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