Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles by Various

Title: Wonder Woman: Her Greates Battles
Author: Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, George Pérez, Gail Simone, Johny Byrne, Jim Lee, Cliff Chiang
Publisher: Quillfire Publishing
Genre: Comic, Action
Publication: February 14, 2017

My Rating: 3/5

Source: Publisher on NetGalley

The perfect companion piece to 2017’s highly anticipated film Wonder Woman is here. With the powers of a god and the fighting spirit of an Amazon, Wonder Woman is Earth’s fiercest defender. On Themyscira, Diana was trained from birth to be a warrior. Her skills in battle are unmatched, as are her bullet-stopping bracelets and Lasso of Truth. Now, relive her greatest triumphs!

In these stories from such top-tier comics talents as Greg Rucka, George Pérez, John Byrne, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang and Gail Simone, the Amazing Amazon must use every ounce of her strength and steel to bring down gods, monsters and—when mind-controlling villains take control—even her friends. Collects WONDER WOMAN #6, #119, #210, #219; WONDER WOMAN #41; JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART THREE #3; WONDER WOMAN #23.

**I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

This is a collection of some of Wonder Woman's greatest battles. It's not the best book to pick up if you want to know more about Diana's story, but it's perfect if you want to see her fight and what she stands for. And to check out some really cool art from many different artists.

Not only does Wonder Woman know how to kick butt, but she's also compassionate and caring. She wants to keep people safe and believes in redemption. I loved seeing her humanity and how she defends others.

And let's face it, even blindfolded this woman is strong as hell, her fight with Medusa was one of my favorites, and what she does at the end is just brutal. The art in that one is also amazing, her outfit is pure perfection.

I also loved the parts including members of the Justice League. Aquaman looked pretty badass here.

I recommend to check this out even if you don't know much about Wonder Woman, seeing her fight is pretty amazing.

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. Great post! Photoa are amaizing!!
    Hope you'll visit my last post--> http://howaboutjourney.blogspot.hr/2017/04/bosnia-and-herzegovina-sarajevo-fojnica.html

  2. You have such a huge spectrum of taste!

    1. Haha thanks! I really like many different genres :)

  3. I haven't read a graphic novel in a while. I will need to pick one up soon. I am eager to see the Wonder Woman movie. Great review, Carla! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really eager to see the movie as well :D

  4. I'm super excited to see this movie. I don't know much about her past but my little sister knows all there is to know about superheros, so hopefully I can get filled in from her. But it would be cool to learn more about what this she stands for by reading this!

    1. I'm super excited as well! :D I used to be a big fan of Wonder Woman when I was a child, and I loved Super Friends haha :P But I bet the movie is going to be great for everyone, even if they don't know much about her ^-^


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