Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka

Title: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Author: Jun Asuka
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors / Tokyopop
Genre: Manga, Holiday
Publication: November 8, 2016

My Rating: 3/5

Source: Publisher on NetGalley

Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP brings you a special edition gorgeous hardcover manga based on the classic Halloween masterpiece Disney Tim Burton s Nightmare Before Christmas. A must-have for manga fans, Tim Burton fans, and Halloween fans alike!! Collect this horrifying masterpiece!

**I received a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

I'm a really big fan of the movie, I think it's amazing and so original, and the best part is: it's great to watch around Halloween and Christmas time!

Something that makes this movie even better is the music, and I thought it was pretty cool that parts of some of the songs were included in this manga, it was a nice surprise.

I couldn't help but sing along while reading!

The story here follows pretty much the same plot of the movie. And the drawings are great and so cute! Sally is not my favorite character ever, but I'll admit she looked adorable.

A great read for the fans! :)

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. I love the movie! This sounds like a fun read. :D

  2. good post and never seen such a film

    1. I hope you get the chance to see it, it's really good! :)

  3. I didn't watch the movie but Jack Skellington was one of the characters featured in one Disney's book I used to read to my nephew and he really loves this character, it is one of his favourites. I should get this book for him, maybe for next Christmas.

    1. Haha he's just great, I love Jack Skellington as well :) I'm sure your nephew would love this!


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