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Children of the Veil by Colleen Halverson Book Tour + Review

Children of the Veil
The Aisling Chronicles
Book 2
Colleen Halverson

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Entangled
Date of Publication: October 26, 2016

ISBN: 9781633757738

Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 120K

Book Description

Elizabeth Tanner has one goal: to find her mother in whatever dimension she’s imprisoned. But to do that, she has to face her estranged father, and to do that, she needs a shot of whiskey…or seven. But after an attempt on her life and the return of her lost love, she wakes up with one hell of a hangover and a whole barrage of questions. Finn O’Connell doesn’t know why the Fianna want him to aid Elizabeth in her search, but he’ll take any excuse to be near her again. Together, they dive headlong into the shadows of her mother’s secrets and find themselves embroiled in a Fae rebellion that will test Finn’s loyalties and their love. With the Faerie realm verging on chaos, Elizabeth and Finn will embark on a quest that will lead them from the streets of Chicago to London’s seedy Fae underground. But rescuing Elizabeth’s mother means journeying to a place Finn can’t follow, and Elizabeth is forced to make a choice between finding her at last or saving her own soul.

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Teaser Excerpt: 

Elizabeth Tanner has one goal: find her mother and free her. But after an attempt on her life and the return of her lost love, her search leads to more questions than answers. Finn O’Connell doesn’t know why the Fianna want him to help Elizabeth, but he’ll take any excuse to be near her. Diving into the shadows of her mother’s secrets throws them into a Fae rebellion that will test their love, and rescuing Elizabeth’s mother means making a choice between finding her or saving her own soul.

Excerpt 1

My legs buckled and he snatched me into his arms, my head lolling against his chest. I breathed in the smell of leather, fresh folded laundry, and that pure, manly scent of Finn-ness. God, I had missed him.
            “Who…?” I managed to say, the words feeling like caked mud in my mouth.
            He didn’t answer, but slipped me into his car and I sank into the leather seat, darkness eating at the edge of my sight. The purring engine lulled me into a daze, and I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, we were stumbling up the stairs to my apartment.
            “I live here,” I slurred.
            “I know,” Finn mumbled, his muscled arm propping me up. “Where are your keys?”
            Snowflakes collected on the crown of his head, his eyebrows knitting together. The curve of his mouth filled my vision, and my fingers slipped over the soft skin, tracing the delicate cupid bow on his top lip. His face softened, multiple Finns swimming through the muted streetlight.
            “Mmmmm…” I murmured, running my hand against the side of his face, trying to keep from seeing double. “Stay still.”
            He placed a gentle hand over my hand. “Elizabeth, your keys. It’s freezing out here.”
            I brought his palm next to my face, brushing my lips against his callused fingers. Need burned through my body, and I fell against his broad chest, covering his mouth with mine with a moan. For a moment, he kissed me back, his hands pressing firm against my shoulders. The falling snow tickled my neck, sending icy trails down my spine, and I pressed into him seeking his warmth. He made a low sound in his throat.
            “You’re drunk,” he whispered.
            “I don’t care.” I whispered into his ear.
            Finn disentangled himself from my arms, and I slipped on a patch of ice, falling on my ass with a giggle. He leaned over me, patting my jeans in search for my keys. His hands strayed to my waist, tickling my side, and I laughed, grabbing his hands.
            He hovered over me, his hair grazing the firm line of his jaw. “Elizabeth, stop. I mean it. Where are your keys?”
            He rifled in my coat, and something landed on the balcony with a thud. The book of Yeats’ poetry lay in the snow, white powder quickly accumulating on its worn cover. Finn made to grab it, but I snatched it away, wiping it off and sticking it safe back inside my coat. He stared down at me and swallowed hard, the tinkling crystal of falling snow the only sound in the silent street.
            “Elizabeth…” He whispered, his hand brushing away a wet lock of hair plastered to my cheek.
            I shrugged away, rifling in my jeans pocket for my keys and threw them at him. A wave of dizziness washed over me and I curled up on the balcony, willing the snow to blanket over me, desiring nothing but to become the winter so I could sleep for four months and reemerge whole again. Stinging numbness gripped my fingers and toes, and I shivered, burying my head against my arm.
            “Let’s get you inside.” Finn’s arm slipped beneath my shoulders and under my knees. 

About the Author

As a child, Colleen Halverson used to play in the woods imagining worlds and telling stories to herself. Growing up on military bases, she found solace in her local library and later decided to make a living sharing the wonders of literature to poor, unsuspecting college freshmen. After backpacking through Ireland and singing in a traditional Irish music band, she earned a PhD in English with a specialization in Irish literature. When she’s not making up stories or teaching, she can be found hiking the rolling hills of the Driftless area of Wisconsin with her husband and two children. THROUGH THE VEIL is her debut novel.

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My Review 

After everything she went through in the first book, Elizabeth Tanner proves she's more bad-ass than ever! She's now looking for her mom, who's being held prisoner somewhere, maybe even another dimension, but she doesn't have many clues that could help her. And, after trying her best to forget about Finn, she suddenly finds herself fighting next to him to search for people who might know about her mom's whereabouts.

As they work on this mission, Finn and Elizabeth realize that they don't know each other as well as they thought, and that there are a lot of secrets between them. Either way, they're very much in love, and they show each other again and again how nothing's ever going to change that, even if they're supposed to be enemies.

I really loved the plot in this sequel, there were so many things going on! And I never felt lost or like there was a bunch of useful information to get through, it felt just right and made me want to turn to the next page to find out what would happen next.

Elizabeth is a great female lead, just like she was in Through the Veil, and I love reading about her and her adventures. She doesn't like to be rescued, she likes to do the rescuing part herself. And, no matter how many powerful enemies are after her, she knows how strong she really is and doesn't let anything frighten her.

Oh and gotta love the fact that she likes Harry Potter so much. I just felt like adding that :)

Make sure to read this series if you love fantasy stories packed with lots of action and romance.

Thank you for reading! ♥


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  2. Love your post :)


  3. The fangirl of Harry potter addition is golden! I am so glad that this sequel could be just as enjoyable for the first book for you! And Elizabeth sounds like the kind of character who keeps her chin up and keeps on pushing through everything that gets shoved her way. And fae? Fae is always a yes to me ;) Brilliant review x

    1. Hahah I know! :D And Elizabeth is great indeed, I really like how strong she is.
      I love fae as well! That's always a nice reason to read a book <3

  4. This book sounds like something I would enjoy! Faeries, a search, and a protagonist in love with Harry Potter. It ticks off all my boxes! I'm definitely going to check this one out once I finish this comment!

    Erika @ Books and Stars

    1. Hahaha yes, there's a lot to enjoy in this :D I hope you get the chance to read the series :)

  5. Awww yeah fellow Elizabeth in the story! I can't wait to read more, you have me gripped! Your blog is so darling and lovely, I love it :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. It is a great story! :)
      And thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it ^-^

  6. Elizabeth sounds like an intriguing character, especially her love of Harry Potter! :)

    Happy reading,
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog

  7. Oo I love that cover and this sounds so good. I'm going to look up the first one on GR. Great review!! :D

    1. Thank you! I hope you get the chance to read this series :D


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