Thursday, July 14, 2016

Apps I've Been Loving #2

Screenshot taken with my phone

Not long ago I made a post about apps I'd been enjoying, so I thought it was time I shared my new favorites! :)

Don't Get Fired
By QuickTurtle Co., Ltd.

Cover art
In this game, you have to go to interviews and get a job. Once you land the job, you need to work very hard, make good choices and get promoted. Also, you can get fired pretty easily. There are some ridiculous reasons to get fired, but it's all right, since you're supposed to "collect" them all. It's a bit hard, but also very entertaining. And I always love graphics like these, makes you feel like you're playing an old video game.

Cooking Fever
By Nordcurrent

This one had me obsessed for many days! You basically have to run different kinds of restaurants, serve food to impatient customers and buy stuff to make your restaurants better. After a while it starts getting harder to buy these things, but it's still pretty fun. Although I'm pretty sure my phone appreciated when I started playing this game a bit less, since it consumes a lot of battery and also made it get pretty hot.

Ellie - Help Me Out, Please...
By Ateam Inc.

Cover art
Loove thiiiss!! Man, this game sure made me feel stupid more than once. You're on the road and there's an incident with your car, so you need to make a little stop to get some help. You end up having to help someone else, since you find a girl who's been kidnapped and have to help her get out before her captors realize this. But things are actually not what they seem and you might have to start taking care of yourself as well. All of this is achieved by solving riddles and puzzles, which is why I felt far from smart at first, but once you get the hang of it, the challenges start getting easier.

By Plain Vanilla Games Corp
Cover art
No no no. If there's something I was obsessed with, it's this game here!! I spent so much time playing it, it's not even funny. And you're now reading about this from the master and queen of everything related to Pixar, Tim Burton. Video Games, Nintendo and Disney (especially the Princesses)... Well, not exactly, but I'm pretty good. With QuizUp, you can choose any topic you like (there are tons!) and you'll be playing against a random player (you can also challenge your friends) and the person who answers the questions the fastest, wins. And they also added a single player mode pretty recently.

Pakka Pets
By Space Inch, LLC

Cover art
I bet most of you have heard about this one, it's just so cute!! If you had a Tamagotchi growing up, you'll know it's kind of similar. You get a cute little pet and have to take care of it, so it'll grow up nicely and remain a happy pet. You can also go around town and do some quests, which change depending on the pet you have at the moment. The only problem with this, it's that it makes my phone a little laggy sometimes, and it even made it crash a couple of times. Maybe my phone is a bit old, I don't know.

Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure
By Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.

Cover art
This one's pretty popular as well. It's basically a puzzle game, but you also get help from these cute little creatures and aren't they just adorable!! I have a lot of fun playing this, the graphics are also pretty neat, I do like it when my games look nice. You can also make your little creatures grow and evolve, so that they can help you even more while you play.

Plant Nanny - Water Reminder
By Fourdesire

Cover art
I've already had apps to keep track of how much water I drink, but this is by far the cutest one! I know it might sound silly to some to have an app for this, but I like using one from time to time to see if I'm actually drinking the necessary amount of water I need. This one is really good, since your cute little plant can die if you don't drink enough water (you can water your plant whenever you drink some water yourself) and doesn't that make you feel oh so guilty?!

Period Tracker, My Calendar
By Simple Design Ltd.

Cover art
Nothing extraordinary here, just a nice little app I like to use to keep track of my period. I've used this one for years, I think it's got everything I need and more, it even lets you add any kinds of symptoms, like blotting, cramps, etc. It also calculates when you might be ovulating and when you could be expecting your next period.

Disney Magic Kingdoms
By Gameloft

Cover art
This is so cute!! I'm a sucker for Disney, Disney is everything. So you just put lots of Disney characters together in a game and I'll think it's the greatest thing ever. In Magic Kingdoms, you have to build your own park and recruit as many Disney characters as you can, and isn't that just the loveliest thing you've heard? Definitely recommend this to any Disney fan.

Disney Magical Dice
By Netmarble Games

Cover art
Image Source

Another great Disney game. I've had so much fun with this! This is a board game very similar to Monopoly, you can play against other players and even form teams to get as many properties as possible. There are also different ways to beat the game, which makes things more interesting. And the loveliest part of this is that you get to collect "costumes", which are basically cards that you can win and upgrade, so you can play as your favorite Disney character! :D

I think this might be all for today, I hope you found something you liked! :)
And please, if you have any cute or scary game to recommend, feel free to do so :D

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. I don't think I've heard of any of this except Quiz Up. I don't play many games. I just downloaded Pou. 😂😂😂

    1. I don't really use my phone a lot for other things, but I love playing games on it haha :P
      Ooh I don't have that one, though I've seen other people who do, it looks quite cute!

  2. Very lovely! This is such an amazing post!

  3. Aww this is cute <3 I was obssessed by Cooking Fever too, although less now haha ^^
    Lovely post Carla :))

    "Book Addict"

    1. That game is too addictive!! Haha :3
      Thank you!! <3

  4. I'm not into apps as much as I once was - I used to spend about an hour playing at least every day. But well, I can see why you love them and you always have the best assortment to hear about. I can tell your really into the puzzle kind of ones :3

    1. Yes! Since I moved to another country I'm going to get a new phone, so I might be able to get other apps I couldn't get before :D I'm glad you liked them!

  5. I just love finding new apps, especially the cooking ones! They are surely addicting. :)


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