Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Death Vigil: Volume One by Stjepan Šejić

Title: Death Vigil: Volume 1 (Death Vigil #1-8)
Author: Stjepan Šejić
Publisher: Image Comics
Genre: Comic, Graphic Novel, Supernatural, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Publication: October 14, 2015

My Rating: 5/5

Source: Publisher on NetGalley

Gifted? Join the Death Vigil in their ongoing war against the ever-growing power of the Primordial Enemy! Only catch is you have to die first. Become a corporeal immortal Death Knight and obtain reality-altering weaponry in the never-ending battle between good and evil.

It's been a mixed bad for Clara Jenkins. Bad news? Her boyfriend turned out to be a necromancer, determined to sacrifice her in order to bring a primordial monster into the mortal plane. Good news? She's just joined up with the Death Vigil, a group of immortal Death Knights led by Bernadette the Reaper, dedicated to wiping out necromancers once and for all. Joined by gruff Sam, geeky James, and the mystical raven-to-T-Rex-shape-shifter Hugen, Clara and the rest of the Vigil battle to keep humanity safe from the eldritch monstrosities that make up the mythical Pale Court!

Collects DEATH VIGIL #1-8.

**I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

This is wonderful! I actually had high hopes for this, but it turned out to be even better than I expected.

The drawings and the color palette are very beautiful. I think it's amazing that the same person did both the art and the writing, it just shows how creative someone can be.

Bernadette the Reaper recruits people who have just died to be part of the vigil, they become immortal fighters and share the same peculiar white hair. But Bernadette is not some grumpy and creepy reaper who likes to scare the hell out of people (even though she unintentionally does), she's just hilarious. She's sarcastic and very funny, I guess it's kind of to break the tension, since their "business" has to do with death after all. And Sam is also amazing, the relationship he has with Bernadette is great and one of the things I enjoyed the most, they can be very funny together. And this does have a lot of funny moments, everyone who is a part of the vigil is always making jokes.

Every member has a different weapon (feather, shovel, deck of cards, etc.) and they have to learn how to use it properly. Some of them can be used to open portals or even to summon a horde of bloodthirsty viking "zombies".

And we get to see the whole process of becoming one of them from the start, since Clara, one of the main characters, has just been killed by her boyfriend and recruited by Bernadette.

But there's much more going on than just the vigil. They have very strong enemies, who are hunting them to steal their weapons and get rid of the Reaper. So you can expect lots of fights and action.

Definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a fun and original story (with great art!).

Any other similar books/comics you might recommend?

Thank you for reading! Bye-Bye! 


  1. very nice! *-*

  2. That's so cool getting a free e-book! I love reading when I have some downtime and right now, it's been rainy here in Los Angeles, so it's always nice to curl in bed with a good book. :)


    1. Yes, getting free books is so exciting haha <3 I also love to read when it's raining :)

  3. so cool!

  4. Very cool!

  5. Oh wow this goes directly to my TBR~

    1. I hope you enjoy it too, if you get the chance to read it :D

  6. Oo this sounds great!! I'll have to go add it on Goodreads. :D

    1. I really enjoyed it :D I hope you like it too, if you get the chance to read it!

  7. hah isnt it awesome when a book turns out better than you thought? the different weapons sound fun!


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