Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cherryculture / NYX Haul

I really needed to buy some makeup essentials since I was running out, so I ordered a few products from Cherryculture. I've ordered from that website before and the experience was really good, especially since I'm a big fan of NYX and I could get a lot of products for less money.

The main reason I had to buy this all online was because, well, like a couple of months ago I went to see how much a setting powder was, I was surprised to see that it was three times more expensive than the last time I had bought it a few months back. After that, makeup disappeared. Seriously, there was NONE (you can google the situation in Venezuela if you don't believe me, I know it's hard to believe, here you have to stand in line to get food and certain products now). But then one day they all stocked up! I went to see the price of the products... the powder was ten times (yes, TEN, 10, diez, zehn, dix, however you say it) more expensive than the first time I had bought it those few months ago. And this applied to all the other products as well...

We get a few dollars every year to spend online (we have exchange control), so I used some of those before there was YET another devaluation and decided to get the essentials.

I wanted to share what I got with you, so that you could see what I chose and maybe even expect some reviews of these in the future. Or you could also tell me your experience if you've used them, that'd be very appreciated! :D I love to hear other people's opinions on makeup.

Before I get on with my little haul, I also wanted to share that I was surprised to see how much Cherryculture has changed! I noticed the website was different, but what really got my attention was that there were just NYX products and a few of their own Cherryculture brand. Does anybody know why this happened? I remember there were so many brands before! Lucky me I wanted to buy NYX products!

So this is what I got:

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in 01 Ivory

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in 01 Ivory

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in Fair

NYX Liquid Brown Liner (Collection Chocolaté)

I always go for liquid liners, since I have hooded eyes and those don't tend to transfer to the brow bone, I actually wanted to try a brown gel liner but they ran out. Usually I get black ones, but I wanted to try getting a lighter one for everyday, although I haven't been lucky with brown liquid liners before, I feel like they never get the right shade and it ends up looking like watercolor. But I must say I'm really liking this one! I've already used it a few times (it's the only product I've already tried from this haul) and I'm not one bit disappointed. Also, it's long lasting but easy to remove (a must for me).

I also got the NYX Provocateur Boudoir Mascara, I usually don't really care about which mascara I get, I already like my lashes as they are so I don't apply too much mascara, so I never see a huge difference whenever I use different ones. Although I must admit that this one seems really nice, it has two kinds of applications for two different looks.

Have you used any of these products?

Thank you for reading! Bye-Bye! 


  1. I have never used NYX eye liner but after knowing your experience with it, I will try ti for sure! :)

    Happy monday

    1. It's great to know you found this helpful! I do recommend that eyeliner, I've kept using it and it's amazing!! :D

  2. Great stuff !
    Love the eyeliner !

  3. I've never used Nyx but I have heard a lot of good things about them!

    Meme xx

    New post out now:
    'CND SolarOil // Healthier Stronger Nails'

  4. you have an interesting blog , want to follow each other ? let me know and I'll follow back ))
    have a nice day!

    1. Thank you! Sure thing, I'd love it if we follow each other, your blog is amazing! :)

    2. follow you (№56) and bloglovin , waiting for you )))) a good week !

  5. GREAT Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  6. Great picks! I love Nyx lipsticks but haven't tried anything else from them :) Love your blog, following. Follow back? **

    1. Their lipsticks are amazing, I love them!!
      Thanks! I'm glad you like it ^-^ Sure thing!

  7. I just have nyx eyeshadow but haven't tried it (^^,)
    I will buy the concealer too, thanks for sharing!

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